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How do you deal with colleagues who are jealous that you were chosen to be a Nurse Faculty Scholar?

First of all, it is not surprising that some colleagues might envy you the supports and experiences provided to you as a Nurse Faculty Scholar. Most of us cling to some belief that we would be better if only we had something someone else has, not understanding that having the honor may also place some additional pressures on a person to succeed. Recognize this inclination, and try to share with faculty colleagues anything you pick up as part of the experience that others might find useful. A handout, web site, or bib shared means that you are thinking of how your resources can be useful to others. As you get to know your NFS peers, you may realize that some have interests that dovetail with colleagues back home, so you can introduce them to each other electronically or at a professional meeting both are attending. The more you share resources or opportunities you’ve had with colleagues, you demonstrate that an advantage one person has is also of benefit to the community as a whole, and you display the values of the NFS Program to others.

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