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Martin Schiavenato, Ph.D., R.N.

Martin Schiavenato is an Associate Professor at the Washington State University College of Nursing. He earned a bachelor’s degree in nursing and bachelor’s and master’s degrees in sociology from Florida State University, as well as a PhD from the University of Central Florida. Dr. Schiavenato’s clinical background is in neonatal and pediatric critical care. It was his experiences as a NICU nurse that inspired his work in the area of pediatric pain. He is particularly interested in the ways that technology can aid in pain assessment. His earlier research focused on developing a more sophisticated faces pain scale for pre-school children, while his current project involves the design and development of an ambient orb that automatically detects and conveys pain in premature infants. An international trainee and 2007 Mayday Fellow with the Pain in Child Health initiative of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Dr. Schiavenato won the Book of the Year Award from the American Journal of Nursing for publishing and editing a winning title in 2006, “The Art of Becoming a Nurse Healer” by Beverly A. Hall. Memberships include the Council for the Advancement of Nursing Science, the Biomedical Engineering Society, and the International Association for the Study of Pain.