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  • Andrea Landis, PhD, RN, APRN is an Assistant Professor in the University of Washington School of Nursing. Her research addresses the relationship between sleep and obesity in adolescents. She is currently focusing on examining the effects of sleep deprivation on body composition, diet, food cravings, physical/sedentary activity, metabolic and endocrine function, and stress in adolescents.

  • Dr. Lapiz Bloom is an Associate Professor at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio School of Nursing.  Her research focuses on determining the cognitive, neurotrophic and genetic markers for the variability of speed response to Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) among military personnel with PTSD. Dr. Lapiz Bluhm has published regarding receptors facilitating reversal learning and its cognitive effects.

  • Laura Larsson, Ph.D., M.P.H., R.N. is interested in environmental health and is currently researching renters as a vulnerable population. Dr. Larsson serves on the Gallatin City County Board of Health. In that role she is working to improve local air quality and promote a prevention agenda to enhance the quality and quantity of years of rural Montanans.

  • As a forensic nurse and leader in intimate partner violence research, Kathryn Laughon, Ph.D., R.N., F.A.A.N. of the University of Virginia is testing the use of computer safety planning aid for victims of domestic violence. This work builds on her experience with and interest in developing sustainable, evidence-based interventions for vulnerable populations affected by intimate partner violence. Read more about Dr. Laughon’s research>>

  • Jennifer Mallow, Ph.D., F.N.P.-B.C., Associate Professor at West Virginia University, School of Nursing is passionate about the use of technology to improve access and outcomes for rural populations. Dr. Mallow’s current research evaluates feasibility, acceptability, and patient outcomes of an empirically developed, HIPPA compliant, web-based, system of mHealth sensors and mobile devices for chronic disease self-management in patients living in rural areas.

  • Matthew McHugh, Nurse Faculty Scholar 2011 Cohort

    Dr. Matthew McHugh, Ph.D., J.D., M.P.H., R.N., C.R.N.P., F.A.A.N., is interested in the relationship between policy, nursing systems, and patient outcomes. Through his research, Dr. McHugh hopes to determine if new policies should focus on improving nursing care environments in minority serving hospitals.

  • Dr. Ogbolu is an Assistant Professor at the University of Maryland Baltimore School of Nursing. The goal of her research is to assess adoption of cultural competency standards in healthcare organizations and to examine the association with patient-reported experiences with care. Dr. Ogbolu serves as the deputy director of the Office of Global Health at her institution, addressing national and international health equity issues including work with new immigrants and nurses in sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Dr. Palazzo is an Associate Professor at Seattle University College of Nursing.  His program of scholarship is directed at mitigating cardiovascular risk in at-risk high school students; his “Teen Take Heart” program confronts a major national healthcare issue by using science-based programs to engage students and promote sustained change in attitudes and actions about wellness. Dr. Palazzo has published regarding ventilator-associated pneumonia, sepsis, and pain.   

  • Dr. Poghosyan is an Assistant Professor at Columbia University School of Nursing. Her research investigates primary care nurse practitioner practice environments and how they affect the quality of care for patients with chronic diseases and nurse practitioner outcomes. Dr. Poghosyan has published regarding nurse practitioners scope of practice models in primary care work environments.  

  • Dr. Reuter-Rice is an Associate Professor at Duke University School of Nursing and a pediatric nurse practitioner with clinical expertise in pediatric critical care. The goal of her study is to examine the relationship between cerebral vasospasm, biomarkers and genetic variations, and functional outcomes in children with traumatic brain injury. Dr. Reuter-Rice has published regarding pediatric acute care and nurse practitioner education.